Tuesday, 8 December 2015

DIY Cute Santa Card

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Hello everyone!
There's nothing quite as special as receiving a handmade Christmas card because it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. And you'd like to return that dose of happiness, but haven't much time on your hands, well, never fear, because this Cute Santa Card takes literally 15 minutes, and you don't need many resources at all.
~ Red card                 ~ A pink pencil
~ Peach card            ~ A black pen
~ White card             ~ Glue
~ Scissors

  1. First of all, I chose which colour card I was going to use as a base. I used white, but, if I'd had enough peach, I'd have used that instead.
  2. Next, I folded the white piece of card in half and cut the peach card so it was about the third of the height of the white. I tore the long edges, pasted it horizontally in the middle of the white card and then trimmed it to size. (Take a look at the end result down below and hopefully, it should make sense.)
  3.  Then, I took my red piece of card and cut it so it was about a quarter of the height of the white card.
  4. I tore one of the long edges, pasted it horizontally at the top of the white card, torn edge at the bottom, leaving a small gap between the red and the peach. Then, I trimmed it to size, so they didn't jut out.
  5. And finally, onto the peach card, it drew two eyes, rosy cheeks and a button nose. On the white card, I drew a mouth.

And this is the finished result:
There you have the cutest Christmas card ready to be written and sent off to a friend or relative. It's bound to make them smile!
Lucy x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Barry M Goody Bag | The Clothes Show 2015

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Today, for the first time, my mum and I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham and it certainly lived up to expectations!
Along with Rimmel, NYX, Models Own and many other makeup brands, Barry M had a stall, which I'd had a scan of early on in the day, but hadn't bought anything from. Then, as the show got busier and busier, I noticed lots of people carry Barry M bags, so I dragged Mum back there and fought to the front, where I discovered you could get a goody bag for just £10. The lady told me it included 12 items: six nail polishes, two eyeshadows, two lip glosses, a lip liner and an eyeliner.
I knew it was a gamble, but it was also a chance to try new things and perhaps find a gem. So, I went for it, and I don't regret my decision at all. Yes, there are a few items that really aren't "me" (they'd would look great on someone with blond hair and fair skin though) but, the majority of the items of lovely.
Let's begin with the two eyeshadows. They're both utterly wearable shades; one's a shimmery brown and the other's a shimmery grey.
The lip gloss is packaged in a sleek glass bottle with a black lid. Coincidentally, I'd been looking for a natural, everyday lip gloss and I think I may have hit jackpot. This also smells AMAZING and adds a nice sheen to the lips. It's doe-foot applicator makes application super-easy, too.
Left - Right: Rockstar & Jingle Bells
Left - Right: Red Black, Paprika & Forest
Surprisingly, I love 5 out of 6 of the nail polishes. They are: Jingle Bells, Red Black, Forest, Paprika and Rockstar. My favourite is probably Jingle Bells, which I'm planning on using over Red Black when I paint my nails this evening. Paprika is also also nice; in the bottle, it looks a bit scary, but, when I tried it just now, it comes out this lovely dusty orange.
So, that's all for today's post! I hope you've enjoyed finding out what I got in my mystery makeup bag! (Oh yes, I forget to mention that everything comes in a lovely pink makeup bag!)
Lucy x


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